Response of the renin-aldosterone system in the camel to acute dehydration.


Plasma renin activity (PRA), renin substrate concentration (PRS), aldosterone concentration (PA), and cortisol levels were determined in five camels during dehydration (8-10 days complete denial of water) and at timed intervals after rapid rehydration in cool spring and hot summer weather. Plasma sodium concentration increased from 138 +/- 3.7 to 147 +/- 2.5 (mean +/- SE) meq/l during spring dehydration, and from 146 +/- 1.3 to 157 +/- 1.14 meq/l during dehydration in the summer. Plasma sodium concentration returned to control levels over the course of several hours following rapid rehydration. Only minor changes in plasma potassium concentration occurred. The hormonal changes were accentuated in the summer dehydration. PRA increased slightly on dehydration, and returned to control levels over the course of several hours following rehydration. PA increased slightly on dehydration but was markedly elevated 24 h after rehydration. PRS showed a slight increase following rehydration in the spring experiment, but no significant change in the summer experiment. Changes in cortisol were insignificant. The results are consistent with a role for angiotensin and aldosterone in enhancing sodium and water reabsorption from kidney and large intestine on dehydration in this species.


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