Effects of Shoe Collar Height on Sagittal Ankle Rom, Kinetics and Power Output during Single-leg and Double-leg Jumps


The aim of this research was to examine the effects of high-top shoes and low-top shoes on sagittal ankle ROM, kinetics and power output during single-leg and double-leg jumps. Twelve male subjects were requested to wear high-top and low-top shoes to perform single-leg and double-leg jumps. Ankle joint kinematics and kinetics data were collected using Vicon system and force plates. Shoe collar heights did not influence the jump height in both single-leg and double-leg jump tasks. However, high-top shoes adopted in this study resulted in a significant smaller sagittal ankle ROM during a quasi-static movement. In addition, wearing high-top shoe could also decrease the dorsiflexion ankle joint torque and power output during the push-off phase in single-leg jump. These findings provide preliminary evidence suggesting that a changed ankle kinematic and kinetic behaviour in the sagittal plane may be induced when wearing high-top shoes.


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